Idea Man




He glides out of the White Box

on Skateboard One.

The 100 watt light bulb

screwed into his right ear

flashes on and off

and the perspiration on his forehead

is cooled by the miniature fan

mounted on a neck brace

atop his flight jacket

that holds his headset

and keeps him in constant touch

with marketing and the war room.


He has not officially resolved

what the next release will be

or at what target group

it will be pointed,

he is sure however,

that when all the ‘What ifs?’

and ‘Love it or leave its’ are complete

there will be a need for a patent

and three easy payments of $129.95

and first born only

will be more than reasonable.



3 replies on “Idea Man”

By this time in my life, I have learned that most “got to have it” products are nothing of the kind and the price is most often far from reasonable. In an interesting way, this poem underscores that fact by virtue of the subject’s glib self-assurance that will be.


Hi Craig

Love the way you approach this emergence of those “bright idea products” with wit, cool imagery and concept. Also like the idea of this guy being the CEO of his own brain and idea center. That allusion to “airforce one” with “skateboard one” is extremely clever and draws the reader right in. I can picture this scenario and have enjoyed visiting the theme and its character. Well Done!!

Thanks for sharing!
My Best


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