There are many ways to get cookies,
if you’ve got the urge.
You can get them in a package,
you can get them in a cup,
you can get them in a roll,
to slice and bake them up.

But when you see that title,
when you hear that word,
where does your mind go?
What does “cookie” mean to you?

My mind only goes one place:
to days when I was young,
and my mother would get ready
to mix cookies up from scratch,
and set all the ingredients out.

My mind’s a cornucopia
of so many memories together:
the sights and textures,
the sound of the mixer,
blending ingredients together,
the dough in the bowl,
in little balls on the trays,
the fragrance in the room
as each tray came from the oven.

I’d juggle with a paper towel
trying not to burn my fingers
until a fresh cookie from each tray
(or often, more than one)
cooled just enough to eat.

It’s the very best way to eat them
even if you do scorch your mouth.

There were sugar cookies,
peanut butter, ginger snaps,
and oh-so-many more.
My father and I have stood
and eaten them by the score.
But THE cookie that I remember
when I see or hear the word
is my mom’s chocolate chip cookies.

There never was a better cookie.
There never will be a better cookie.
If you disagree, then good for you –
but you’re wrong.


  1. Michael,

    Kudos to you. Home baked cookies are more than a treat; they are a process born of love.
    When I read the title, I first thought of cookies on the computer, but then I smelled that delicious kitchen and was so happy that it was the chocolate chip variety instead.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you Sarah. My mom making cookies has always been a highlight. I like the cookies, and I like the cookie dough – any kind. I also like biscuit dough, noodle dough, and dumpling dough. I get some odd looks when I say that, but I do and always have. I guess it comes with having an excellent cook for a mom.


  3. Thank you Yassy. Yes, I always knew I was fortunate in that regard; my friends were always very happy when offered some of those cookies.


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