Kitten Lookout

Little calico kitten
sits at the window
as snowflakes fly.

Occasionally, she fusses
with the ribbon
around her neck.

How do you tell a kitten
she is waiting for
your granddaughter?

How do you convey
that it’s been arranged
with your son and his wife?

That soon she will have
a brand-new home
and a loving family?

Still, the little calico
seems to know something;
she sits at the window
watching intently
for her future.


    • Thank you Yassy. The image is one I picked up about a decade ago. I always wanted to write something to go with it, and I finally got an inspiration. Some things have their own timetable.

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  1. Thank you Sarah. That’s true, which is why I added the part about the parents. I wanted the reader to know that the surprise was for the little girl – and not for her parents.


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