Photography poetry


Like departing morning dew
so go fleeting moments,
ones empowered to
mellow minds,

harbor hearts,

and silver line souls.

As the world turns
opportunity arrives with more-
brand new, initial, more firsts.

Again moments, birthed, mature to
cycle within time’s frames, then flee.

If leaves could speak,
maybe we would hear
about the delights of dew,
refreshment of watery drops,
wonder of falling-down rays,
and oh, the beaming above,
that bold, bright eastern view.

Like departing morning dew
so go the fleeting moments . . .



9 replies on “Fleeting”

“mellow the mind,

harbor the heart,

silver line the soul.”


Your poem and your photograph collaborate,
each with the other, to

“mellow the mind,

harbor the heart,

silver line the soul.”

and they do it so well!


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Hello Sarah in November,
You are receiving my Moment Poetry this AM. I am currently listening to Lauren Daigle’s music from my PC’s speakers. I am inspired to tell something inspirational. Music nudges me to write, and this AM I thank Lauren. 🙂 You tagged the heart of this script. Love to you, Sarah. Enjoy your moments given today by Autumn. It’s such a beautiful season even in the absence of the greens. Take care, Friend. Heart to heart. Here we all go. Onward go… while we still can.


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Your words are refreshing, coming in just ahead of the bitter cold predicted for the first part of next week. At that time the dew will be frost and the leaves probably won’t be singing.

At that time, I will come back to this poem, read it again, and remember.

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