Inscription on the Dark Tower




As we contend with the human need

To crush ivory into favorite forms,

Dramatize idols stiff, stillborn –

We dedicate this runic seed

In an effort to overcome the creed

Of no specific future’s thorns.


But when essences bloom violent crocus,

Laws no longer seem to count,

March this chalice to the Lover’s Mount –

Let there be awe as at a circus,

Know that enlightenment was with us,

Stand with this on the Lover’s Mount.


Carve upon this earthen bough of time

A word for histories yet to come –

Proclaim the lusts that delivered you from

The nightmare’s abyss of crippled kind,

That held your hand along this climb,

Shaded your eyes from the damning sun.


As the chisel bites this brown veneer

With verse of quests and effort’s praise

The need for such will slowly fade –

The snow-like powder that cleanses fear,

That can lead the old ones through the years,

Convince them that this is the hour to stay,


Will be freed from its sand stone shell

To be whisked with the wind into space,

To slash like sleet at eternity’s face,

To announce to tomorrow with yesterday’s bells

That this sickly environment in which we dwell

Can be saved by digging greed a grave.


2 replies on “Inscription on the Dark Tower”


This is intricately woven.

The close is the crowning glory:

“That this sickly environment in which we dwell
Can be saved by digging greed a grave.”

I’m not sure if this fine poem was inspired by
Stephen King’s series, but it is every bit as

I am always awed by your command of the pen
and its progeny.



An admirable sentiment, as well-penned. However, greed is an undead monster which never stays buried. Our world will get sicker and may even die because there are those who will never give up their love of avarice. The line “Whoever dies with the most toys wins” may have been started as a joke, but is far too true of the mindset of altogether too many people.


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