under the influence,

blowing the big one O

at four AM,


knows the awe, the muse,

the Motown hum,

the rhythm of the idle,

the pregnant power,

the smell of gas

and girlfriend’s gum

stirring with maligned adrenalin

like metal in the mouth.



by the extras,

the signs, the signals,


not billboards,


the teal giants

announcing 95’s ramp

to the neighborhood signal,

hanging low,

familiar, poignant,

pristine in the black night,

snow accenting

its three colors,

commanding so effectively,

so many,

its curt two lane,

one-way cross.


Go green,




Maybe’s the best,

mandarin orange,

and maybe the next green

or the one after that

Decadence might

know which way to go.




  1. “Go green,




    I keep going back to that, as if it were the question that plagues us
    at every cross+road in life. It’s like each one (go, maybe and stop)
    offers it’s own adventure and that is the secret. Is that the secret?
    Your poems are written with a mystical pen and always intriguing and
    always more than the surface reveals and that’s saying a lot because
    the surface shows a tale of its own.



  2. Hi Craig

    I sincerely enjoyed this characterization of “decadence under the influence”. You paint a vivid picture with your details and leave one to wonder how the spirit of decadence will affect our own life. We come to that stop at the crossroads and wait for an answer. Sometimes it’s out of our hands and an overpowering force like “decadence” steps in. This is , as always, well-crafted and intriguing.

    Much enjoyed,,


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