The Leaf Shelley Found

Spirit fierce,

My spirit! Be thou me, impetuous one!

Percy Bysshe Shelley

littr in stream

Sole leaf, slow leaf

leaf sleight of wind,

It fell ( as this)

to ember his shadow,

to catch his sudden



Not a maiden’s blush

but a woman’s

full-bodied in hue, mellow

with the rouge of wine.



to make him think

of you, thirst for you, remember

how you turned your head.

How the flame of hair and skin

struck his eye

burning though the stillness,

the dark reserve

of evening.



4 replies on “The Leaf Shelley Found”

Another fine poem, which conveys the mood and the moment. The intensity of Shelley’s emotion and reaction is very clear. You have a definite flair for capturing charged encounters.


Dear Michael, Craig and Sarah

Your wonderful comments regarding this poem are deeply appreciated! Thank you all so much for always taking the time to read m work and share your thoughts That means a great deal to me!

Please take care,
my best to you all


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