Halloween Mashups

jack o lantern decor
Photo by Gantas Vaičiulėnas on

Countess Dracula wears Superman’s cape,
pretty ballerina wears a witch mask,
clubfooted hunchback has his mouth agape;
I’m barely resisting the urge to ask.

Frankenstein wears a plaid skirt and red tights;
a pink-furred werewolf makes me feel dizzy.
Whatever prompted this mixture of frights,
some creative mind has been quite busy.

In any case, this mashup collection
has truly elevated this Halloween.
Also, the children’s participation
is lively, enthusiastic, and keen.

They take their treats and scamper off gloating.
Wait; please tell me that green ghost’s not floating!

By: Michael Williams / October 31, 2019

2 replies on “Halloween Mashups”

Thank you Sarah. We had high winds last night, as well as temperatures dropping from high 50s to low 30s during the day. I didn’t envy any children trying to trick-or-treat last night.


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