The wind blowing leaves her dancing
in and out of moonlight;
high-kicking like pony’s prancing
under nature’s spotlight.

Twirls and pirouettes will she do;
ballet instructor’s dream.
She even does a pas de deux
paired with a lithe moonbeam.

She’s a blur of twisting motion
down the path to the park;
any step she feels the notion
tangoing with the dark.

Lightly upon the passing breeze
she floats and flies away;
deftly dodging around the trees,
watching their branches sway.

Whirls right across an open yard
and never slows her step.
Her moves are effortless, not hard;
there’s no end to her pep.

When the wind pauses, she will rest
until it blows anew.
As a plastic bag, it’s the best
a windblown girl can do.

– – – – – – – –

In my poem “Intensified” I commented that my Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software kept wanting to alter my initial line as it repeated throughout the poem – and that while it was an intriguing image, it didn’t fit the poem. Well, first line here is essentially the line Dragon kept trying to give me, so you might say this is a collaboration with my voice recognition software!


  1. Thank you Sarah. I will, although this Dragon is uppity enough already. It had a couple of “suggestions” during the writing of this poem, but it seems Dragon doesn’t yet understand meter.


  2. Hi Michael

    She’s a blur of twisting motion
    down the path to the park;
    any step she feels the notion
    tangoing with the dark.

    think this is very clever and imaginative. I really like the way you personify this plastic bag dancing in the wind. The analogy to ballet is perfect and the rhythm and phrasing is definitely in sync with the theme and motion of dance. I have seen a bag in a parking lot or field of Joshua trees (across from the local Walmarts)
    dance in this manner.

    Lovely poem, thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Wendy. I started out with just the first and third lines, because that was what I brought over from “Intensified”. I was originally thinking of making it a “dust devil”, but realized one of those would not be visible except for what it picked up. That’s when I got the idea to use a plastic bag, which worked far better for the way I wanted to write it.


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