My Wife My Life

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Morning’s light on skin
lines and tracks of marching years
false light lies with truth
beauty does not pass with age
it was never owned by youth

soft touch on my face
sweet press of your lips to mine
you sing in my ear
my mind sees the girl I wed
woman who completes my life

two score and two years
have passed since our wedding day
my love is deeper
than it was when we married
it has grown ever better

there were those who said
our marriage could never last
done in a year tops
such predictions always seem
to go with any marriage

there have been troubles
both between us and for us
our love is still strong
nothing we’ve had to endure
has shaken it and you still

are my wife and the
most important love on earth
I have ever felt
no matter what might happen
I will not stop loving you

though I can’t live there
because I’m quadriplegic
and need special care
you remain the girl I wed
woman who completes my life

By: Michael Williams / August 17, 2003 / Revised October 15, 2019

– – – – – – – –

This form is often called a Chained Tanka – two or more Tanka “chained” together to make the poem. The first two Tanka were written in 2003, the rest were just written.

5 replies on “My Wife My Life”

Thank you Sarah. I sent out to write a poem for our anniversary, and decided to extend the poem I had “started” 16 years ago.


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