photo of thunderstorm
Photo by Rodrigo Souza on

When weather’s stirring turns to rage,
more than your mind can end up blown.
If rainfall begins to rampage,
it can wipe out all you have known.

Storms’ fury can go to extremes;
tearing up life, car, home, and farm.
Such storms are more frequent it seems;
inflicting more damage and harm.

“Global Warming” makes some folks twitch;
they will not admit it exists.
Even if it gives them an itch,
truth doesn’t worry who resists.


  1. Thank you Sarah. It always amazes me how many people believe in “Wishing makes it so.” Genuine truth, no matter what it is, stays true no matter how many vote against it. There may be falsehoods supporting something as well as falsehoods against the same thing, but the truth remains when all else falls away.


  2. Hi Michael

    I really like how you define the enduring force of truth. Like the storms , themselves, candor is powerful and it can wipe out all the falsehoods and the artificial scenarios. I also like the rather piercing wit in this poem especially in that wonderful ending. Thanks for sharing.

    much enjoyed,

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Wendy. I wrote a poem based on my reply to Sarah. Look for “Wishing Will Not Make It So” to be posted tomorrow. I have noticed that reading and posting on a poem largely stops when a new poem goes up, so I will give your excellent poem the rest of today as the focus of attention.


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