Photography poetry


Eastern View
I’m depending on you
I always do
For you pull me through

Darks of night
Like a train are moving
Inching down look-back tracks
Like cane syrup slow sometimes
Nah, not cane syrup
This time’s not sweet

Sixty-minute hours pass
Like twenty-four-hour days
Drawn like a moth
to bright light illuminating
I stretch to notice the view
I look again and see

Invited to Always
I lift my chin again
Eastern View
I’m depending on you
For you pull me through


4 replies on “Light”

“This time’s not sweet.” Well, not all syrup is sweet, but I’ll grant you that the automatic mental assumption is sweet syrup. I was trying to come up with another word or phrase which would give the right mental image, but the best I could do was “heavy motor oil” and I’m not sure that’s close enough. So, I concede the point.

My ill-fated attempt to improve on “syrup” aside, this is an excellent poem, and I like it very much.

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Fashioning words…it’s what we do. 🙂 I added a modifier to “sweeten” the syrup. No, no motor oil here. haha Started to insert maple, but opted for a 1-syllable descriptor. Glad you like this quick write. I promise it arrived like a gust of wind. I was lucky to catch it and deliver it here. Take care. Hope the world is treating you fine these days.




Sunrise is so welcome after the dark of night.
Your sunflowers opened my eyes to beauty
this morning. Even though it is still pitch dark
here, your poem and photograph have me awash
in a glorious light. Thank you!


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