Caught by a Moment

cloudyskysome times
– – places and events
get in our hearts
– – permeate our very soul
the core of who we are
– – grant us peacefulness
lead us to understand nature
– – on a much deeper level
– – to where it resides within

– – – – – – – –

This is a Cintanquainka. It combines a Cinquain and a Tanka. The Tanka lines are indented (– –). Notice that the lines alternate except that I have kept the signature two 7-syllable closing lines for the tanka together, which also preserves the 2-syllable closing line for the Cinquain.

Photo Credit: Patricia Williams (my Mom)


  1. “to where it resides inside us”


    Yes!! All the good things are stored there to be called up at moment’s notice.
    I like the tranquility of this one. Your Mom’s photo is super. A talented family,
    through and through.


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  2. Thank you Sarah. My mom took that photograph from the front porch of their house. She had it as the wallpaper on her desktop computer for years (she now has a laptop). You might recognize similarities between the beginning of this poem at the beginning of a comment I made on your last poem. That was what triggered my poem.


  3. Hi Michael

    These words are intense and so valid!

    lead us to understand nature
    – – on a much deeper level
    – – to where it resides within

    Those moments can enlighten us and allow us to pause,remembering that nature is a teacher with whom we learn and interact. You capture this idea beautifully while your mom has captured that moment of sky settling into some type of pattern between light and shadow, a convening of not only clouds but perhaps, a consciousness of things past and present, within and without. A breathtaking view of the sky and how it moves before us.

    Thank you for sharing,
    My Best

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  4. Thank you Wendy. My mom says that at various times she has identified a bear and two hearts in the clouds of that picture. What always impressed me about it was the sunlight shining in from above the scene. With all the clouds within the photograph, that sunlight had to have lasted mere moments – making it, for me, a perfect complement to the poem.


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