Casting Cares Elsewhere

Casting Cares Elsewhere
How do we tell a friend that a breakup may be the best thing?


When unexpected doors close
and expectations are extinguished
before one sees it coming, what’s done
with the intense grief without closure?

“It’s finished.”

You’re left with snippets of memories,
some fond, some not, which disconnect
from the committed heart’s connection.

“It’s over.”

And the pain sets in. Deep pain.
Smile-altering hurt hovers. On the inside.
On the outside.  Now there has to be a
bridge of time in accepting redirection.

Accepting? How is this done?
There’s no manual for this.

Like the fisherman who had nothing
but high hopes for a great catch
reels in the line,
leans back,
arches the rod,
selects another locale
in the vast sea,
and casts again

here you stand alone

feeling everything and nothing.
The heart’s empty and full,
full of high hopes  again
for another great catch—someone
who will cast care all around with ease.

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  1. But the fisherman does not put his heart as bait on every cast; otherwise it would not be so simple to shrug his shoulders and cast again somewhere else. Our emotions run deeper than anything else about us, and that means that more of us is affected by loss, desertion, or rejection. But that said, we also have more ability to absorb it and deal with it than we often realize.

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    • Thanks for reading & replying, Michael. There is no flippant measure in the heart; you’re right. Yet, as a fisherman casts the line, there is freedom to start again. That is the fleeing feeling woven within this script. The pain of any break-up is difficult, and that is not lighthearted at all. Hopefully with time’s passing the dealing becomes less stressful & more bearable for the hurting ones.


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  2. “How do we tell a friend that a breakup may be the best thing?” Jantanleo


    I believe you found the perfect way with this poem!
    The last stanza has a wonderful zest born of hope.
    Great answer to troubled seas…


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    • It’s funny in a way how the heart is. It’s like the heart has its own set of eyes & sees differently than anyone else’s vision. And we all know this…we can’t tell another heart what a heart sees. Interesting vision–this heart stuff.


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