Windy Outside

red berries tree thriving with fruits
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

wind-blowing leaves are dancing
trees coming alive
limbs kick like horses prancing

rain may be chancing
barometers dive
wind-blowing leaves are dancing

squirrels balancing
clinging to survive
limbs kick like horses prancing

instinct enhancing
their nut searching drive
wind-blowing leaves are dancing

lovers romancing
hoping love will thrive
limbs kick like horses prancing

break embrace glancing
to see weather’s jive
wind-blowing leaves are dancing
limbs kick like horses prancing

– – – – – – – –

This is a Tankanelle – a blending of a Tanka and a Villanelle. This has the same form and rules as “A Time Slipped Away”.

When I was writing this, my voice recognition software kept wanting to write “wind-blowing leaves her dancing” – not appropriate for the poem but an intriguing image.


  1. Thank you Sarah. I do like math. I think the other thing I have is what I attributed to my father in the story about the Tructor; the “Tinkerer’s Gene.” In this case, I like putting two poem forms together and making them work (it’s probably a good thing I don’t work with genetics).

    Some years ago on a different poetry board, something was said about combining poem forms. Another poster made a joke of it, naming off several different combinations. I came back with an example of every combination, plus a couple more. I posted “You people should really know better than to give me ideas!” I’ve been playing with forms ever since; it’s so much fun when it works.


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