Haiku for Kiss

baby touching woman s face
Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

early memory
mother’s kiss on my forehead
putting me to bed

little girl plotting
stolen kiss from little boy
“Eww! Why’d you do that?”

teenagers’ first kiss
hesitantly so shyly
relax and repeat

entwined lovers kiss
whispering shared affection
face life together

a friend in college
disliked her nickname of Beth
loved the KISS song “Beth”

the minister says
“and you may now kiss your bride”
we start a new life

– – – – – – – –

The one about college is absolutely true. My friends first name was Elizabeth, and she went by her middle name rather than have people shorten it to Beth.


  1. Hi Michael

    A very tender and touching view of human affection and how the “kiss” progresses as they mature. You capture those special moments so well with few words. The picture is lovely and complements the poem so nicely. Thanks for sharing!

    My best,

    Liked by 1 person

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