Modeling Oneself


Proper attention is our refuge now, our perch.

Charles Wright
modeling oneself4                  I am flared enough


to fly —

ruffled in a white blouse,

pants pleated

with the speckled shimmer of silk.


You might say

Yves Saint Laurent

has freed

his passerine girl

and bid her to feed

off the sights of San Francisco.


But today

it is not about the bridge,

the wharf or watching

my figure become

a store reflection, a cafe shadow.


It’s about looking

at where I stand, the sidewalk a tablet

of indentations

where insects crawl,

seeds cluster, subsistence

fills the lost integrity

of stone.


There, I step

beyond concrete and feel

my confidence

chiseled out by rumors and heartache.

The affair long over

and lingering dreams of him

burned off with the morning fog;

but I can’t seem to spackle

the emptiness.


My hands slide further

into vast pockets,

the left grasping a gold

cigarette lighter


the right fingering slick

designer tags

I forgot to snip.



  1. Spackle can only fill so much; eventually, you reach a point where more serious repair and rebuilding is required. Hopefully, the narrator here has not reached that point yet.

    Wendy, I keep hoping to find a freshly-posted poem and be the first to give it a “like” as well as the first comment. I was the second “like” here – close but no cigar.


    • Hi Michael

      Whether it’s the first or second comment plus “like”, I am just very grateful you offer your perspective and take the time to read my work. Thank you so much! And yes, a good very good point about “spackling”, one can only temporarily patch the grief/sorrow/ emptiness with other things like feigned indifference, busy routines and illusive avoidance. Eventually, one must face one’s self and deal with the problem, the haunting.

      Hi Craig

      So glad you liked this one ; and it’s good to hear those last lines work. As always, I appreciate your continual interest in my poetry and taking the time to comment!

      My Best to you both,


  2. Wendy,

    The turn at the end caught me by surprise,
    but it is so fine! You built this one with a deft
    pen and a poetic mind. Always a joy to read
    the work of a maestra. You have a beautiful



    • Dear Sarah

      You never fail to brighten my day or make me feel my poetry matters!! Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I appreciate it so much. It lets me have confidence in my work and keeps me inspired!

      Again, many thanks,
      my best always

      Liked by 1 person

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