Clown Show

photo of clown holding tambourine
Photo by Nishant Aneja on

Paris designers put their new clown fashions on parade
to show the world how très chic clown clothing can be made.
Crème de la crème celebrities are sure to make the scene,
not so much for what they’ll see as to be sure they are seen.

Photographers will be legion; Funny Wear Daily will
print the very latest snaps of upscale clown apparel.
Wigs are huge, pants are baggy, floppy shoes flap in the air.
Paris hails a great success, but not one real clown is there.

Hard-working clowns have no time for haute couture frippery;
they’re out in circuses and malls amusing you and me.
Yet Paris is undaunted, each year brings a new revue;
and if you’re easily led they will make a clown of you.


  1. Hi Michael

    Love the sardonic wit in this poem that perfectly captures the over-blown , height of the absurd, Fashion week in Paris or even in New York. Designers who have wild imaginations with no sense of practicality. Love the analogy to a clown show, a perfect image for this event. Thanks so much for sharing!

    My best

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Wendy. I used to read a couple of online comics at a newspaper site – The Seattle Post-intelligencer, if I recall correctly. They would have “photo essays” under the comics, and when the subject happen to be a fashion show that was usually funnier than the comic.


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