Once in a Life

sakura tree
Photo by Oleg Magni on

It was eight acres, no more,
scrunched together in three
folds of accordion landscape.

It lodged in the quiet corner
where one rarely-traveled
gravel road ended at another.

Someone else’s fence set limits
along the other two sides;
stands of trees obscured the view.

No house stood across the roads,
only fields for occasional cattle;
solitude was easily achieved.

Eight acres may not seem large,
some shopping malls are bigger,
but it encompassed a world for me.

Seven years we lived there;
my last five years of school
and my first two years of college.

Corners to sides I roamed it
and, playing or working alike,
my imagination hatched and grew.

I sailed on ships, fought battles
and drove endless thrilling races
on my go-cart and mini-bike.

I fed animals, gathered eggs,
mowed grass and cleared weeds,
but my mind was never still.

Some things I did were, perhaps,
a younger child’s games;
but my mind only shrugged.

It was my world, my rules;
I felt as if I got to live
my childhood all over again.

I firmly believe every person
carries within their heart
a certain place and time
indelibly imprinted
with the special name “home.”
That land, that time, is mine.

2 replies on “Once in a Life”

Thank you Sarah. So much of who I am comes from that period of my life. It is almost impossible to pick out anything unaffected by it.


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