Happy Birth Day Mom

anniversary beautiful birthday bloom
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I know you are going to say
“It is your day, not mine.”
Please keep on reading anyway
and this will turn out fine.

The day of my debut on earth,
as I was being born,
you were the person giving birth
on that September morn.

Those two events cannot be split,
no matter what we do.
I think we should celebrate it,
not only me but you.

Now here is my exact intent;
that a child and mother
ought to celebrate an event
which binds them together.

So here is a happy birth day;
your day as well as mine.
Now do you see? Did I not say
this would turn out just fine?

– – – – – – – –

While today is not my birthday, the actual date is “nearby”. I think this is a sensible idea; I just wish it had not taken me so many years to think of it.

2 replies on “Happy Birth Day Mom”

Thank you Sarah. I printed the poem out for my mom. When she saw the title, her reaction was almost exactly what I predicted in the first verse. She did like it, once she read it.


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