opened brown wooden french door
Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels.com

You paused at the door, looked behind,
before passing into;
hesitation, a wishful sigh,
but nothing left to do.

Though you’d have stayed, through pain and tears;
your body gave you no choice.
Disease’s progress wore you down,
and now has stilled your voice.

We left here have holes in our lives
which no surgeon could mend;
where each of us was joined to you
went with you at the end.

Yet part of you remains with us;
we see it when we look.
Each face, each heart, there’s still a part;
you left more than you took.

Like puzzle pieces cut and patched
and fitted back with glue,
those parts of you join parts of us
to make us one anew.


  1. Thank you Sarah. I have always been impressed with your choices of photographs – and now that I’ve started choosing my own, I realize how difficult it can be.

    Yes this was a very special person who gave to others freely.


  2. Hi Michael,

    I agree with Sarah, a gorgeous and emblematic photo to complement this beautiful poem. I think you capture so wonderfully how a person leaves but does not leave, how part of their spirit joins your spirit and fuses into a sense of renewal and enrichment. Her presence lingers not only in memory but in the deeds and acts of beauty/giving she offered throughout her life and interaction with all of you.

    So nicely done!
    Thanks for sharing,


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