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Haiku (Hurricane Dorian)

blue skies above us
strengthen feeble fears with faith
hearts remain hopeful

5 replies on “Haiku (Hurricane Dorian)”

HI Jan

Perfect poem with pic for this unpredictable storm. It’s always the “blue skies” first, the calm sense of well-being before the tempest. But maybe, as you have so beautifully stated in this haiku, it ‘s presence is there to give us hope, to give us the memory of light and beauty that will sustain us through the storm.

Thank you!

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Hi Wendy, we watch & wait to know Hurricane Dorian’s precise path. Right now it’s all so unpredictable. Take care.



We’re watching & waiting. It may come our way by Thursday. Hopeful we are.
Thank you for expressions of safety concerns for us. Hurricane Dorian is colossal & quite unpredictable during these watchful days. We’ll wait patiently as the storm’s pathway becomes clear. Thanks for the prayers.


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