You Are the Best Present

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When someone speaks do you hear what they say?
Do you hear what’s said if not about you?
If you must admit behaving this way
there is serious thinking you need to do.

My friend, you’re the best present you can give.
When someone talks, don’t do your mental dance;
hear what they say, understand how they live.
You might even care if you give it a chance.

Treat others like their words really matter;
pay attention to the story they’re telling.
When they finish, please never just scatter
pleasantries; try to show understanding.

You may never solve a single problem,
but they will be glad you listen to them.

2 replies on “You Are the Best Present”

Thank you Sarah. It was one of those things I had to write, after hearing essentially the same message about listening to others from two different sources on the same day. Those two messages may be remember how I was told more than once (in the office where I worked for 31 1/2 years) by people that they appreciated how I listened to them and that they knew they would never hear anything they told me from anyone else.

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