Rainbow Tale

assorted color sequins
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Pexels.com

When marbles roll across the sky
we say it’s thundering
and when the drops come pelting down
cats and dogs are raining.

Somewhere there is a puppy pond
about to overflow;
and somewhere kittens frolicking
till they have time to grow.

When there has been a thunderstorm
and then a rainbow’s glow
the thunder-marbles all roll down
as fast as they can go.

Rain-kittens and puddle-puppies
are there to sort the best.
The kittens gather up cat’s-eyes;
the puppies all the rest.

If we could find that marble hoard
now wouldn’t that be grand?
I bet there’d be so many there
they’d blanket all the land.

Someday when you are old enough
we’ll plan a trip to see,
to collect those rain-fresh marbles;
most for you, some for me.


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