Voice Recognition Software

matter of habit
becomes mad as a rabbit
I love my mother
comes out doves are another
a bright sunny day
creates a light funny way
the pretty flower
puts up that greedy flour
delicate tulips
prints as decadent two lips
best fudge anywhere
gives back test much in my hair
I got paralyzed
posits I go hypnotized
seeking for shelter
has me making more swelter
raking fallen leaves
assigns waking hall in eaves
and second to none
reads out as Segundo fun
“sounds like” gets me one more time

2 replies on “Voice Recognition Software”


Recently another friend who uses the same technology wanted to email the pastor that she was bringing a cake to church and that he should bring a case of water.

It turned out as: Pastor, please bring a case of water for Sunday; I’m bringing a keg.

Familiar with the glitches of technology, without a pause he sent back, “No booze in church.”

I speak with a slight lisp so the recognition software has a field day with my dictation.

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Thank you Sarah. Oh my goodness! At least my software has yet to stick me with anything quite that bad. It’s a good thing the pastor understood. One thing it does to me on a regular basis: apparently I don’t always pronounce the word “move” clearly enough, so I regularly get “mousedown” popping up in the text box. Strange thing, I didn’t even know mice have down.


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