American Tragedy


Two mass shootings happened within
the span of just one day.
While many condemn the gunmen,
there must be more to say.

There can never be a simple
answer, however much
that may entice; there are ample
cautionings against such.

This is why no one can agree
on what needs to be done;
although all can easily see
the current state is one

which cannot be sustained if we
are to end the senseless
rampages which are seemingly
fast becoming endless.

It would be nice if I could tout
just what we all could do;
but my dear friends I am about
as confused as are you.

The only thing which I can say
might help in any way
is if we make a choice today
to bow our heads and pray.

4 replies on “American Tragedy”

Thank you Francina. This one was me putting my confusion into words, and finally arriving at the conclusion that there is only one thing we can all do.


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