Bright Times

spring1On a spring walk,
I see my friends along the street
and stop to talk.
Nothing can beat
good comrades on a sunny day;
from morning light
we laugh and play,
except for meals, until it’s night.
Weekends in spring
till summer frees,
we invest our time creating
fresh memories.

These days when we are young and strong
will stay with us our whole lives long.

– – – – – – – –

This is a “Sonneku”, which is a combination of a Sonnet and a Haiku. It’s a 14-line form. The rhyme scheme matches the English Sonnet: abab cdcd efef gg. The first 12 lines are four Haiku followed by the two closing lines. The difference is that, instead of 5-7-5 trios and 7-7 to close (similar to a Tanka), these are 4-8-4 trios and 8-8 to close. This allows the lines to be iambic.


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