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Hello, Daddy! (20 Years Later)

Hello, Daddy! (20 Years Later)

If you were here, I wonder if you’d even own one, a phone, Daddy! You should see all that can be done with this particular gadget in 2019. It’s remarkable, unbelievable, and truly amazing as the world in a 24/7 time zone is just a click away. We can Google any- and everything. You would think Google would be interesting. As a carpenter, you could Google any tool and find answers to any questions. Click. Just like that! Definitely if you would have chosen to have one of these gadgets, you’d put it down often to live life more actively—involved in real-face conversations and real-life doings. I can imagine you with one right now; I can see you turning it off—for hours—for you have life to live, not just to watch through some screen with interesting, colliding characters. So here we are 20 years later after your death. We miss you.

Ah, your memories rise again as they often do since you died in 1999. Like tides the memories ripple in delivering treasures from your life’s impact. This year a list of important Daddy Instructions showed up as I drank my morning coffee and sifted some stirrings in my always-loving-you heart. It’s easy to script, think about, smile with, and share the You in my life. Daddy, thank you, in advance, for everything. As time advances, and I rewind more memories, I feel my heart filling up–filling up with monumental memories of you. Here are a few remembrances, and again I want to repeat from my full heart— Thank you. Thank you. Even 20 years later thank you, dear sir. Do hearts cry? Yes, sadly and happily. The spill is both.

The Carpenter’s Advice

Live life full.
Watch. See. Listen. Hear.
Credit Our Creator.
Love your loved ones.
Love self, too.

Offer gratitude wholeheartedly.
Receive it, too, wholeheartedly.
Hard work pays off.
Rest time pays off, too.

Eat. Sing. Laugh. Pray.
Garden. Fish. Gather.
Play a harmonica.
Share stories.
Cry, if you need to.

Create some more.
Focus on the good.
Be a part of it. Choose.
Balance abundance.

Notice all the blessings.
Express thanksgiving daily.
When life gets difficult, as it will,
when you begin to dread—

Reread this list. Take deep breaths.
Begin again. Start where you are.
Remember— keep a level head.


4 replies on “Hello, Daddy! (20 Years Later)”


My simple words attempt to express appreciation for this great man, one of the world’s finest. What an honor to know & learn from him. He was a great daddy.


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He was not perfect but aligned so many good teachings in his role as parent. He loved his family of 7. As #7 I’m grateful & honor the returning gratitude as I reflect on his life’s memories. There are many Daddy poems. Returning joy. Always.


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