Goodbye Mummy


My beautiful Mum left this earth on April 4th. 2019, two days after celebrating her 100th. birthday.

I am convinced that she held on with every fibre of her being to attain this milestone to please us, her children, grand and great grand children, and other loved ones who had been waiting for this, praying that she would reach it and beyond, assuring her she could do it, and she did. Once accomplished however she was ready to leave, and she did so quietly, peacefully… her dying a reflection of the life  she lived.

Her passing has left an indescribable void in my life.  I think back to when my Dad died, I was heartbroken, in a dark place for a long time, but she was there, comforting me in my grief whilst dealing with her own.

After his death, and much more so since her pacemaker implant in 2011,  my life  revolved happily around her; not because she demanded, even expected it, but because she was my Mum, had done and been there for me all my life and I now had the chance, the privilege to give back a little. 

Her presence, her wonderful spirit filled our home and I miss her dreadfully. She is still every where I turn. I think of what she would have thought, might have said, in circumstances that have presented themselves since her passing though I am sure of one thing, her words, her thoughts would have been a lot kinder than my own… memo to self…  have to work on that.

But that was the essence of Mummy. She was kind, even when others were not kind, selfless, even when selfishness seemed to be the order of the day, she always looked at the other person’s side in any situation. She loved and lived for us, her immediate family, but that love was spread to her nieces, nephews and so many others who came into her life.

Towards the end Mummy was surrounded by an abundance of loving care from several quarters and I shall be forever grateful to those who helped to provide that.

Her birthday Mass and celebration though a bittersweet event, brought friends and family from near and far together to be with her and she was aware of that.

Since her passing, to those who came, who called to offer condolences and support,  to friends who had never met her but sent words of consolation that were deeply appreciated, thank you all.

As I move forward with some trepidation but hopefully stronger and wiser I trust that at some future time I too will be able to say like the words of the beautiful recessional hymn ‘It is Well’.


4 replies on “Goodbye Mummy”

It is at times like this that words fail me – when I would wish for just the right thing to say.

Rest in the knowledge that your mother is with God; probably giving Him the benefit of her experience.

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This farewell missive has raised the lights to a grand luminescence. It shows two beautiful souls…that of the Mother and that of the Daughter. It is also radiant with an
unconditional love. You have written a tribute that will live forever and serve as
both comfort and guide to others as well as serve as a lasting portrait of a wonderful

Thank you !

Much love,

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Thank you Sarah,

She deserves so much more than my small tribute. She was the brightest light in my life.




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