The Pro

The pro

Can one fidget

gracefully, master the art

like a classic swing at Wimbledon?


You might think so

watching Olina sit

on her white ottoman


poised, plucking a  blonde braid

as if there were petals.

It loves me, loves me not.


The game never lets her know

until she’s on the court;

crisp in cotton

limber with expectation.


Outside, she hears wind

slap the leaves with a strong

back hand. Since childhood,


she has known that wind — played in it

letting it become

her second shadow

in all corners of the climate.


Tomorrow, they say

the air will be hot and humid,

a light  breeze if lucky;


but the sun will fidget

with her bracelet — diamonds turned

into nerves of darting light.



  1. I like the comparison to a game of tennis, very effective (See? I’m not against the use of metaphor – as one might think from my “How Do You Read Poetry?” – I just wanted people not to think they had to search for it.). The sun play with its diamonds reminds me of a day with scattered clouds, where the sun is occasionally masked then visible.


  2. Wendy,

    On the court or off the court she projects the face of grace and strength.
    The painting shows it and your poem shows it. Truly a pro. (and she beat
    Serena at the French Open!!) She is more than her tennis and you show
    that with your pen which is also an icon of grace and strength.

    Merci !!



  3. Hi Michael

    I enjoyed, very recently, reading your piece on “reading poetry” and never thought you were against metaphors. I am a writer who is drawn to the figurative and the illusive at times. But poetry is open to many venues, ideas, perspectives and methods. Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this poem. I really appreciate your thoughtful consideration and input.

    Hi Sarah

    Yes, she is a very talented player and does exude both grace and strength. Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your perspective. As always, your words inspire and encourage me. They are deeply appreciated.

    My best to you both
    take care


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