Sun and Shadows

A front porch gift arrives from bright sun rays this morning.
Images settle on my white-wicker chair’s green cushions.
For moments my shadowy coffee cup on the porch railing
and breeze-blown Lorapetalum leaves are caught on canvas.

This image, although a bit fuzzy, reminds me of time’s flight.
In minutes, as with contents in the cup, the warm sun will shift,
memories will mix and mingle to settle in the heart’s keeping.
A glance at green cushions enables one to see—green cushions.

More coffee will be poured as sun and shadows settle elsewhere.

IMG_6773a copy



  1. Jan,

    That photo (and your poem) transports me.
    Rather than fuzzy, I see it as ethereal. It has a sense
    of movement as gentle as the breeze. Looking at leaves
    in the center of the picture, I immediately thought of birds
    in graceful soaring. Your green cushions add to the freshness
    and peace of the setting, and even led me to a sense of texture.
    The coffee adds to the contentment and I am ready now
    to settle in and spend some time in this scene.
    Thank you!


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    • When I saw this short-lived image on my green cushion I felt everything in your response. I’m happy that your response matched what I wanted a response to be with this particular writing. Thank you, S.


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