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Hello, June

*Note: The Writer in Me permits some made-up contractions to recline a bit in this poem. Happy June, Folks. (Some say it’s a teacher’s recess. We all know this; we all need recess.)

Hello, Sunshine!
Hello, June.
Greetings, Freedoms,
In and out of rooms

Schedule’s released
Agenda’s now free
Deadlines cease
Time’s paused

Poolside, porches, walks outdoors
A weary soul yearns—more.  More?
Breezes tease, coffee’s divine
No leftover lukewarms
Sips simply sublime

Birds blare from branches
Train travels the track
Clock keeps tick-tocking
Summer, so glad you’re back.

Thrilled I am to see the satisfying cup—
Filled, refilled, saucered, & spooned
Casts one’s spirit skyward
To stars, sun, and moon

Hello, Sunshine!
Hello, June!


3 replies on “Hello, June”

The English teacher I once trained to be is silent on the subject of your “made up contractions”. He’d better be; he knows I can call him out for many similar uses of his own.

Enjoy your recess! I am sure it is well-earned.

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Every now & then I will allow language rules to recline/relax like in my using “made-up contractions”—especially in June & during summer break. Recess is guaranteed fun for all. I’m enjoying this free time—no LPs, grading papers, staff meetings, bells, etc. However, there is recess. Yes!


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