The godly paid



We live between the
Past and the future,

  • Mattie Stepanek



Life for most

turns, churns

through dry tomorrows

to next unwritten pages.


Some sing, mold, paint,

any number of modes

on call for celebration,

lifting hearts on rare occasion.


And then the specials,

…..the godly paid,

doing what only they can do –

shooting souls with beacon rays,


a path to essence love –

inspiring those less capable

to phrase true words

with moist todays.


  1. Craig,

    The quote you chose is the perfect tone setter for your poem.
    I love it (your poem)…ok, make that plural, (the quote too).

    Just for the record, you, Sir Poet, inspire us all with your poetry
    and your philosophy and the quiet way you keep the lights
    burning ever brighter at the Pub.. I am so very glad you share your work here.
    (and not just because you’re a fellow Marylander. though I’ll admit
    that doesn’t hurt a bit.)


  2. Those true words
    with moist todays
    quench my thirst.

    I am ever so thankful
    to receive the beacon rays.

    Enjoyed reading.



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