The Hedge Witch To Her Child

The hedgewitch to her child

Come my lovely daughter

cut a willow branch

and find clean water,


pluck a  primrose

from its moonlit bush

and soothe your female woes,


kindle a flame

with some hill-grown moss

and see what spirits claim,


about everything

from the rainfall

to a bird’s molting wing,


unravel wool

from the cattail stalk

and stuff your mattress full


to dream of marsh and glen

where spider, snail and moth

are sly craftswomen


who spin, etch and fly.

They’ll teach you how to cast

spells with skilled hand and eye.


So come my lovely child

leap from hedge to hedge

your soul is young and wild


enough to keep alive,

the roots of raw magic

we need to heal and thrive.


Note — In folklore, the hedge witch is usually a solitary woman who explores the magic of dowsing , botany, tides and cycles of  the season to heal, conjure, and benefit both the condition of nature and its human inhabitants. Her skills also include prophecy, ( often through fire-gazing),and  transcending both worlds of shadow and light, past and present,  Today, among various Wiccan cultures and countries, it is very real and practiced with serious study and intent.





  1. This effectively creates a scene and mood. When we lived on 8 acres out in the country, we moved from the top of one ridge to the top of another almost on the other end of the property. My parents hired a man to dowse for water. He picked the location and suggested the depth at which water would be found. The drillers struck water at about that depth but did not think it was a strong enough flow so they drilled down another hundred feet or so to try to find more. We were not sure if the initial water strike hit the side of the underground stream and it broke through a little more or if the extra drilling created a sufficient reservoir, but we never lacked for water the rest of the time we were there.


  2. Wendy,

    “So come my lovely child

    leap from hedge to hedge

    your soul is young and wild”

    Those lines soar! The poem is spiritual and feral.
    It makes the pulse race with excitement at the freedom.

    You give such authentic voice to the poet’s personas.
    I am always awed by your empathy and proficiency.

    thank you for being here. You’ve been on my mind.
    hoping all is well in your world.


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Michael

    Thanks so much for reading and sharing that very interesting experience about the dowser. Yes, I believe in the craft of dowsing which is part intuition and part experience in knowing the land and the aspects of its terrain. Of course, the idea of someone divining for water with a willow or hazel branch or some other natural instrument related to the process is debatable — but I like to believe in the mystery of it, the magic.

    Hi Sarah

    As always, Dear Friend, your kind words and encouragement are so deeply appreciated!!! I’ve been studying lately plant/witch folklore in the sense of medicine, healing, prophecy etc. Fascinating stuff and it does lend for poetic inspiration. Again, thank you!

    Hi Craig

    So glad you liked the voice in this piece. I really appreciated you taking the time to read my work and offer your perspective

    My Best to everyone,


  4. Very nice in sound and image, Wendy.

    Wonderful, the way she is teaches her child
    to rely on nature.
    And that the most simple, natural things are powerful
    and magical and necessary.

    So good to read this today.
    Take care,


  5. Thanks so much Kerri,

    I deeply appreciate your keen and lovely comments on this piece. Hope all is well, dear friend, with you and yours!

    Take care


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