Crystal Clarity

All the letters on the chart;
I can make them disappear.
When I remove my glasses
it might as well be clear.

If I labor mightily,
I can see the biggest “E”.
What lies underneath that line
really isn’t there for me.

Details vanish in a blink
and each line turns into fuzz;
my focus fails completely
like a bee losing its buzz.

So I know it won’t be hard
understanding why I am
so eagerly awaiting
results of my eye exam.


  1. This poem was written before an eye exam in 2012. At that time, my eyesight was still correctable to 20/20 with corrective lens. As fate would have it, that was the last eye exam I would have before I became a quadriplegic at the end of June 2015 (I was scheduled for an exam in October 2015).

    This year I was able to get in to an eye doctor who could accommodate me being on a stretcher (anywhere I go has to be by ambulance). I had hoped my vision could once again be corrected with new lens; that was not to be. In the intervening years I had developed cataracts and so I was scheduled for surgery to replace the lens in both eyes. I had one surgery in early April and the other in early May. As a follow-up exam later in May I was able to read the 20/30 line on the chart unaided.

    However, my vision is still fuzzy because I still have astigmatism. I can see my computer fairly well, but struggle with detail on my television. I go Tuesday, June 4 for another exam where I might get a prescription to correct the astigmatism; so once again, I am looking forward to an eye exam!


  2. Michael,

    God must have a lot of faith in you. I believe He is right, too.
    ‘They’ say He will never give us a greater burden than we can
    bear, and there you are, against all odds, still writing, still sharing
    your wisdoms and your humor and your fine poetry.. You are an icon
    of faith. It is wonderful that your vision was restored, even if limited,
    and now another anticipation of even better vision. Your faith, your forbearance;…
    truly they are miracles. .I’m praying the astigmatism will be corrected and that the eye
    chart will come into full focus.

    I celebrate your poem and your strength.


  3. Thank you Sarah. You have me blushing; I have a hard time thinking of myself as an icon of anything. I think of a quote I heard from Stephen Hawking: “I could be angry about my condition but I try to avoid it. People don’t have time for you when you’re angry.” I’m not sure the first part of that is precisely correct but it gets the sense of what he said.

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