A Redo Of  “The Tables Turned” By W. Wordsworth

a redo of tables turned by


Come, lay down your lap top

and turn off your  plastic cell,

listen as the wind shakes

fern, toadstool and flower bell


that grows within the greenwood.

A tremble of shade and scent.

The fox has dissolved into shadow

and leaves some of the tall grass bent


as she slinks  back to her burrow

carrying secrets of the night,

and whispers from the cloven pine.

With her, your wild soul takes flight


along a pathway where time

becomes the wheel on which you spin

thoughts and dreams of who you are

opposed to where you’ve lately been


in a blue maze of screens and text.

You have forgotten how to run

with stream water in your veins

and bones kindled by the evening sun.


Once  you were fox,  wind and light

knowing tales etched in bark or stone,

mistress of this timbered house

with instincts you’re struggling to re-own.


link to Wordsworth’s 19th C. poem



  1. Wendy,

    You pay fine homage to the fox and to Wordsworth.
    I love the painting too. It is a joy to see you take on
    W.W. To steal his words, you have most surely
    “Come forth, and bring with you a heart
    That watches and receives.”

    I love everything about your poem, not the least of which
    is the fox which you so deftly portrayed.


  2. Hi Nathan

    Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my poem! I agree, William Wordsworth is a fantastic poet!! One of my classic favorites.

    Hi Michael

    Your kind words and assessment of my poem are very much appreciated. Thank you so much for stopping by!

    Hi Sarah

    As always, your kind words and encouragement toward my work mean so much!! And like you, I adore the lore and the beauty of the fox. What a remarkable creature in God’s world.

    Take care everyone,
    my best always!



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