To Mom

A mother is patience
at the long end of a trying day
when that into-everything child
gets into something new.

A mother is forbearance
when that bright child
with the inquisitive mind
tracks mud and – what IS that?!? –
across a clean kitchen floor.

A mother is sensitive radar,
ever vigilant and hearing
the wrongness in a thump
before the child’s first cry.

A mother is a guardian angel,
soothing and caring;
a healer of hurts small to large
and a righter of wrongs.

A mother is a tigress
fierce in defense of her young.
Woe to the mean fat bull
that threatens them with harm.

A mother is a welcoming hen
when her grown-up children,
beaten and battered by the world
seek shelter under her wing once more.

Above all, a mother is love,
in purest, simplest form;
and that, my friend,
needs no explanation.


  1. Hi Michael

    So beautifully voiced this poem about the wonders and gifts that a mother brings to her children. Your examples of her giving, sacrifice, nurturing, protection and wisdom are right on target, precisely stated and underscored with a sense of great reverence and love. So Well Done!!

    Thanks for sharing!
    My Best


  2. “Above all, a mother is love,
    in purest, simplest form;
    and that, my friend,
    needs no explanation.”


    Thank you so very much for posting this tribute (lovely from
    first word to last) to your Mom, to all moms. Your love and
    respect shines through each line and each lines shows the
    fine ink in the poet’s pen. Bravo!


  3. Thank you Sarah. What I was much younger I used to think everyone had a mom is good as mine. I don’t remember when I learned that wasn’t true, but I remember that it made me very sad.


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