Prose Notes & Heart Praise

What memories the mandevilla brings! How can I ever forget this? A long time ago in spring while I was tilting my watering can near our mandevilla plant spiraling around the mailbox post, my young son (about 4 years old that year) frolicked in our front yard and played busily around me. Nearing the mailbox in his romp, he stopped suddenly & said, “Momma, come look at this!” I was thinking he had found a line of marching ants, a busy, pollen-covered bee, maybe a ladybug, beetle, or frog. I stopped what I was doing and looked at my wide-eyed, blue-eyed son. He had one pink bloom cupped in his little hands while leaning closer to the flower, and he excitedly called out again, “Look, Momma! There’s a little sunshine in there.”

In this season, I’m always drawn to the pink mandevilla, and I smile every time to see the “lil’ sunshine in there”. I. Cherish. This. Memory. So. Precious. From. Long. Ago.



  1. Before the world has a chance to teach them the “proper” way to see things, children have the most amazing insights and unique interpretations. Those who are lucky enough to be encouraged never completely lose that unique viewpoint and from them comes most of what is good in the world.


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