Power Of

As humans in steady stares
are drawn to look and look again
at simplicity within a bloom,
they are often astounded to see
the intricate, the remarkable,
sometimes the unbelievable.

They are taken aback;
they are simply delighted
with the complexities
as souls are fed.

What if Our Creator awaits
each day to see us in similar ways
in glances which mesmerize?

What if there is astonishment
in staring at the intricacy,
the remarkability, the amazement
in viewing humans’ races,
earthly doings of going here,
going there, scattering everywhere?

What if there is delight, simple laughter,
in views of humans spreading kindness to others
as handlings of all matters are steered
by something greater, something invisibly beautiful?

Could kindness-nurturing humans,
those led by such power, be Our Creator’s soul food?





  1. Jan,

    You pay just tribute to this lovely time of year and to
    all the beauty born of His hand. The photography and
    the poem show us the intricacies of His love.


  2. I am reminded of the verse “All things work together for good for those who love God”. When the good things of the world come together to make something more than the sum of its parts, it is a glorious thing indeed.


  3. Hi Jan

    Lovely photo and what a wonderful supposition you give in this beautiful poem. The human condition is intricate with its moods, behaviors, reactions, experiences etc – but in-between, the complex processes of living, God takes delight in the good we do and the kindness we extend. And even our moments of levity .

    Much enjoyed,


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