Away for Just a Bit (I Hope)

Mom’s my caregiver
she’s ill now, hospitalized
I must go elsewhere
for care until she comes home
pray for both it’s not too long

9 replies on “Away for Just a Bit (I Hope)”

Hi Michael

Will keep both you in my prayers. I wish you all the best and hope she recovers quickly.
God Bless you and your Mom!

My Best


Thank you, you may have been more effective than you expected.

All my life I have believed that God will step in to correct a situation that’s about to go wrong; but even though I lived through what just happened, I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. The EMTs had arrived to take both my father and I the same hospital where my mom is at. My father has dementia and is weak in his knees, so they had put him on a stretcher and were taking him out to the ambulance. Five minutes, and they would’ve been gone. The phone rang and the nurse who was here with me answered it. It was my mom, telling us that the initial diagnosis was more serious than actually proved to be the case, and that she would be released in a little over two hours. The EMTs brought my father back in the house, put him back into his wheelchair, and left. I would not want my close calls any stock closer!

Thank you again, and thank you to anyone else who read and sent a prayer our way.



Sending prayers your way today for you & your family. It’s so hard to go through the tough times. Thinking of you. Best wishes.



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