Little gentleman
crouching shyly in the grass
would you like a home?
Come inside cuddle with me
be my loving companion


  1. Michael,

    I know you had cats…I remember a poem about a belly rub, but I think you
    had a dog too, and wasn’t sure if Buster is a dog or a cat. Either way, I
    love the peaceful tone of the poem.


  2. Thank you Sarah. Buster was a cat; I was aware the poem didn’t specify the type of pet, which is why I tried to get the photo now displayed above added when I made the post. You managed to get in between the time I posted and the time I send you the email asking where to look to pull an image from my computer. Timing is everything! Our dog was named Bandit which, if I remember correctly, comes from the Little House on the Prairie (my wife was a fan of the books even before the TV series). I have written other poems about cats and kittens, but rarely by name. Two of our cats, Chub and Wash, have cameo roles in my Natalie and Blade series of stories.

    That’s amusing, the security approver having to approve her own security. Maybe it was that “belly rub” comment?


  3. LOL, yep, I think it was the belly rub comment. : )

    I remember Chub and Wash, and Natalie and Blade.
    Most especially Blade because I ‘met’ him at the same
    time Little Nag arrived at my house (he was a baby
    Thai dragon..Maryse mothered his twin, Eragon.) Of
    course they were sent by Willowdown for us to raise.


  4. I don’t know if you kept anything from the Yuku board, or if there was simply too much of it for anything specific to be saved, but the descriptions of Chub and Wash were descriptions of the two actual cats; Wash really does have both green and gold in each eye.


  5. Hi Michael

    I really like this spare, endearing piece and appreciate the way you address the cat as,
    “Little gentleman,
    crouching shyly in the grass”

    Yes, I can picture that and understand how a stray or abandoned animal can melt one’s heart.

    much enjoyed


  6. Thank you Wendy. “Little Gentleman” was one Buster’s nicknames. He was always one of the most polite and best behaved cats I ever knew. I greatly regretted it when we lost him.

    Happy Easter Sarah.


  7. Thank you Dee. Buster was a joy to know. I was always glad we took him into our home. The photo above is the wallpaper for my computer.


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