Mrs. Achong
April 02, 1919 – April 04, 2019

Maryse’s mother celebrated her 100th birthday

on Tuesdy, April 2nd.  She claimed her home in

heaven on Thursday morning.  Maryse needs all

the strength and prayers you have to offer.  She

has devoted her entire adult life to care and com-

pionship for her mother.  Let’s join together to buoy

her through this time of loss.

Click here for a photo of Mrs. Achong on her 99th birthday.




  1. Dear Maryse,

    Please know that I and all the Pub family keep you close in thought
    and prayer during this sad time. A time of loss for all who knew your
    Mum and a time to celebrate her new wings.



  2. Dear Maryse,

    Know that you are tucked snugly in my heart during this sad time of loss. I will keep you in prayer in the coming days.

    With much love,


  3. Dear Maryse

    I am sending you prayers and well wishes for peace and comfort during this very difficult time. I can only imagine how it feels to have your beloved mother pass on — as I remember back in 2016 when my own mother joined my father in heaven with God. Her presence is still around me, loving, guiding and simply there in spirit and memory. From that belief, that knowledge, I draw solace and feel connected to her. I hope it will be the same for you. But adjusting to her loss, is very challenging, grief , however, is underscored by faith and the joy taken in remembering her gifs as a mother, her warmth and her companionship. I can only think how proud she is of you for the care and devotion you have shown her. Please get enough rest and remember we all send our love and empathy here from the Pub.

    Take care


  4. Maryse, I send you warm thoughts and soft prayers to wrap around you at this time. Insufficient as they are to the task, you should have many layers from everyone else.


  5. Dear Wendy,

    I know that you walked this road not so long ago. I miss my Mum dreadfully but she is everywhere I turn.

    Thank you for your kind concern.




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