Summer me with summerings,

leisure mornings, evenings,

care-nots if the phone shall sing,

to-do lists with not one thing,

schedules not for when nor where,

no worries of have to be there,

no plans for do that like this,

only hours of dreamer’s bliss.

Summer, catch my hug, my kiss.

I’m queen with all these summerings!



  1. Summering. Delightful word, lovely concept. I once wrote in a poem: Oh to be a child again, with days so full of nothing to do and the lost wisdom to enjoy them. This reminds me very much of that feeling.


  2. Hi Jan

    Like the rest, really enjoyed your use of the word “summering” and all the details that define it. This is a delightful poem and one that allows the reader to lounge in its calm and joyous sense of ease/beauty!

    Thanks for this,
    much enjoyed,


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