20 Years?

*Usually on my Daddy’s Memory DayI arrange words in descriptive doses. Not today. Not on this Memory Day. I’m quiet & observant. However, here are a few notes from my heart.*

Daddy, do you know my attempts?

I’ve started multiple poems today
as my inspiration barely speaks
and claims shyness and timidity
on your 20th Memory Day. 

Daddy, how I’d love to see you.

Oh, but today of all days, words
should show up ready to express.
I can’t push any wordy emotions
as my heart reminds me to hush.

Daddy. Oh, how I’d love to see you.

Memories of you are simple.
Lit now just for you is a candle
with a dancing flame steering light.
Bright. There it is, the poem, your life.

I’d love to see you. 

I smile at candle’s light. I see you.
I believe you well know. All is well
as it can be in a world

without you.





  1. Jan,

    You have written a truly lovely remembrance.
    The love lifts the reader into your sacred space
    and the light there becomes a universal memorial.

    I know “20 Years?’ comes straight from your heart,
    and I would add that it goes straight to the reader’s

    Liked by 1 person

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