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A Note From a Dragonfly

Dear Humans,

You see it’s like this;
it’s quite simple really.
You get allowed time
just as we, sky dancers, do.
Blessed we all are to live a life.
Then suddenly an abrupt season
drifts in finalizing it all, every bit.

Oh, dear humans, live.
Love. Laugh. Forgive.
A life is so fragile—
too special to fly through
without recognizing all
the wondrous wonders.
(HaHa, I know I’m one to tell you about flying.)

With winged and at-rest admiration,

What would you write to dragonflies?


4 replies on “A Note From a Dragonfly”

Hi Jan

Beautiful and witty, this poem delights in its message and characterization of the dragonfly. I like how this small, enchanting creature reminds us to enjoy life. the survey every detail and relish the moment. I love dragonflies and find them fascinating. Thank you for sharing, I can definitely relate!

My Best,


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