As partners Time & People synchronize steps
through seasons four with four winds breezin’ through
in backdrops of e’er-changin’ horizons and landscapes.

Time leads, of course, as evidenced by Daylight Saving Time
movin’ in, changin’ and rearrangin’ hours and sky light,
all previously geared to humans’ scheduled timepieces.

Confused humans wake up gazin’ at an early-brightenin’ sky.
Am I late? Am I late? How did I do this? How did I oversleep?
They hurriedly glance at their clocks to clarify the feel of fog.

Chicago’s hit resounds, “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?”
Durin’ the song, steps shuffle to catch up with Time’s new rhythms.
Once more there’s an attempt to synchronize with Time’s loyal lead.

“Hey, Time, want to stay awhile?”
“No, got to go – daylight, nightlight,
it’s what I do. Toodle-oo. Toodle-oo.”



  1. Whoops! I meant Jan!

    If I could edit my comment, I would change that. As it is, please accept my humble apologies. I think my brain has not woken up this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL, it’s all okay. It’s Jan again–spring-inspired. It’s that time warp which gets us this time of year! Blame it on DST stirring around & shifting our ideas & hours. Jan


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