A Ballad for Daylight Saving Time


Now that we’re all on DST,
I feel my body scoff
when I look and see, by the clock,
I should be nodding off.

“It can’t be true, would I lie to you?”
It says, with clear intent.
“Ask anyone, consult the sun;
my rhythm’s not been bent.”

But if I listen to that spiel,
well, therein lurks the trap;
for, after that alarm has rung
my body wants a nap,

avowing with sincerity:
“I do not lie to you.
It’s not yet time for getting up;
why are you trying to?”

And so it goes without letup
throughout the next few weeks.
I abide by sensible rules;
my body grumps and squeaks.

Then just when things have settled down
and I think: finally!
It’s time to shift it back again.
Oh! I hate DST!


  1. Hi Michael

    A whimsical yet very familiar look at the approach and slight inconvenience of Daylight Savings Time. The adjustment , indeed, takes a few days maybe weeks but it certainly disturbs one’s usual rhythm/ And as you so aptly state, things move too quickly and it’s time to switch back again. Really like the tone and rhythm in this piece and that
    phrasing “my body grumps and squeaks’. Yes, each time the DST comes, mine is not content. It reacts by turning from the clock and continuing to sleep.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    much enjoyed,


  2. Wendy, thank you. I live in Indiana, which for most of my life did not observe Daylight Saving Time. I would have been far happier had things continued in that manner, but such was not to be.


  3. Ah, DST unsettling the settled humans again!

    It always takes time to adjust to the sudden changes in daylight as hours are shifted. For me an early-versus-late struggle begins as I balance the question while looking at sky’s new light–“What time IS it?” For certain my normal restful states are interrupted, too, by sky’s change.

    I enjoyed reading your timely poem. Hope you’re doing well these days.



  4. “Unsettling the settled.” I like that! Thank you for stopping and commenting, Wendy. I am doing pretty well; I now have a date in early April to have my eyes evaluated and at least the first surgery done (I have cataracts).


  5. I had to smile while reading this.

    My body does not want to cooperate when we Spring ahead
    and I lose an hour of sleep.
    It keeps sending a message to my brain about being robbed. 🙂

    Much enjoyed.


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