Snow Tomorrow


snowstorms approaching
emerging flowers take heed
gray skies threaten you


  1. Hello, Michael,

    Those emerging flowers require a certain strength to pull through & make it as the harshness of winter steps back in even for a brief storm’s event. Yet, some emerge, survive the storm, & offer blooms after threatening weather. I enjoyed your Haiku today. Enjoy the snow & the flowers.



  2. Thank you Jan: the winter storm sweeping across the country will be here tomorrow. We have irises coming up along our fence, and they may be in for a rough time. We hope they survive.


  3. Hi Michael

    I like the way you frame the warning and address the flowers. Yes, they must take “heed” but there is something resilient about Spring and her earthly inhabitants. If one species does not bloom another will. Thank you for sharing this.

    My best,


  4. Thank you Wendy.. We seem to have dodged the storm in this area; there was snow but it disappeared fairly quickly. The worst part for the flowers might have been the very low temperatures last night.


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