Banana Fever





To empathize without restraint

is strangely suicidal —

you rambling fools content

to write yourselves another Bible

have traveled long to Magdalene

to drink the never-ending,

but you’ll be delayed in yards

to wait for merchants ever-spending.


Here to sit and grit the worst

of epitaphs and clichés –

It’s all been said.  Pass the pipe.

Would you buy a crab from me, please?

Then as sure as Galilee’s whore

they’ll want to know the reason

why one so young and atrophied

should tamper with such treasons.


You’ll reply with tongue of fire,

that there are things along the way

one must get straight before the flood

before the Day of Days.

Your forehead gnaws, you raise

yourself, you rush into the street –

a woman passing by in rags

flashes attention to your feet.


Wash not these feet with your hair of straw,

I’ll need them along the way.

You poets are all alike somehow-

trying to die for love or hate,

but your pompous ass will die in vain,

they’ll carry you to your grave

they’ll mumble words and epitaphs

that you’ll know are just more clichés.


Her cup of angst will outlast love

though gorged to the brim with flesh –

you’ll reply to the rest of the group

that your exit is clear of regret,

you’ll brace yourself with dove at temple,

scream as if for rain,

To die for death, now there’s a fate!

‘It’s all been’ said can’t touch or name.



  1. Hi Craig

    What a fascinating poem and one that has impactful truth! Like the fish that go into a hole, gorge themselves on bananas to the excess and then become diseased with an obsessive fever, we as a society are headed in that direction. This poem reads like a parable using strong details, allusions and phrasing. Those caught in their own rage of greed, self indulgence and other vices, are unaware of how they are swimming in ruin. Thanks for sharing this one, I will be back for as second reading.

    My best


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