1. Re: Willowdown’s Memorial

    Thank you, Sarah, for spotlighting Willowdown’s collection for readers at the Pub’s blog. What a kind gesture, a delight, too, to remember him.

    The pathway of a poet makes way for readers’ reflective contemplation. The revisit is amazing as the words steer & stir memories. Like old photographs yesterday’s fashioned words lead an influx of regrouped & gathered memories. We, readers remembering the old days, fall into a hammock of today’s time echoing verses of gratitude and full appreciation for the poet’s pathway.


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  2. Having been off-line for a while, this is the first I heard about Willowdown; no doubt one of many things I have missed in the last few years. Willow had a terrific imagination; I could not begin to count the number of his stories I read the prose forum of the Yuku version of The Peaceful Pub. Given that, I was immensely gratified that he complemented me more than once on the names I created for some of my characters. I will miss him.

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  3. It was a kind gesture to keep Pete and his work before all Sarah and I look forward to one day, hopefully sharing some time with him when, All Things Are Made New, and we can begin to live the life that this Earth was lovingly designed for. In the meantime we have the memories.

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  4. Merv,

    I sure hope you haven’t given up your Bush Bard i.d.
    even though I don’t often reply, I very much enjoy
    reading the yarns you weave so lyrically.


    I hear from Jim and Gloria (zJared) often. We speak on
    the phone occasionally.


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